With ((TESSERACT)) we consider the possibility of other dimensions and universes beyond imagining in an effort to shake the foundations of accepted reality. Within the scope of this performance we revisit childhood fascinations with parallel universes, 4th and 5th dimensions, wrinkles in time and 19th century concepts of the “Multiverse” along with contemporary interpretations of these ideas to elicit a visceral and fleeting presence, a glimpse of humanity bound together, hurtling through space: a disappearing act and a reminder of our own transience.

Photo credit: Caroline Hayeur

This work was initially conceived as a performance and made in collaboration with Alexis O’Hara, featuring contributions from Lucy Bazzo (lighting) and the Monday Night Choir when it premiered at Phénomena in 2013. We adapted portions of the video and text for an 2-channel installation that we presented in Concordia University’s floating box in 2014 as part of the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro. Subsequently we adapted the performance for incoming students at the National Theatre School of Canada and we presented a version of it in Winnipeg for Nuna Now in 2016. Single-channel versions of the installation videos have circulated as part of mixed video programs in Spain and Switzerland. Scroll down to watch the two videos. An audio excerpt from the performance is also available below.

The following two video excerpts provide a visual reference of the dual-screen work that we developed for the Encuentro in 2014. The video content seen here is a sampling of the projection material that we used in the performance. The voice-over text consists of excerpts of monologues written for the performance.

Excerpt of audio track from the performance