Is it a video or is it a cabaret performance? When our beloved colleagues at OperaciĆ³n Queer requested a cabaret work for their web launch in late 2020, we were only too pleased to contribute.

Due to the C*****19 p******c, the format for the launch was entirely online. For us, one of the saving graces of this moment in history is the innovation and sheer chutzpah of all those amazing queens out there who are working to connect with each other internationally and to put on their most fabulous faces forward by any means necessary. We decided to make something especially for the occasion but something that could also last for more than its 7-minute duration. What we have here is a video that speaks with a cabaret ethos: Something a little bit raw and absurd with ephemeral qualities but it also available on demand. Strange times.

To make this work, we drew from some texts and motifs that were also part of our recent performance, CatoptROMANTICS. We look forward to the day where we are able sit around a big table together with friends and strangers. In the meantime, watch this space…